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Room and Parking Rentals

John Tracy Clinic provides excellent indoor and outdoor facilities for the purpose of education and community functions.

In keeping with the objective of being a community and educational center, John Tracy Clinic will make the facilities available to community groups and organizations whenever possible, within the context of the facility use policies and procedures.

We also provide parking rental services with about 100 spaces available during the week and weekends.


Request a conference room or parking rental by filling out a reservation request form. Our staff will respond to your request as quickly as possible.

Reservations must be made in advance and are subject to availability.

Meeting Rooms

Keck Room

Keck Room



Ahmanson Room

Ahmanson Room

Facility users will be charged fees appropriate to the facilities used and the type of organization making the request. The charges for multiple rooms at the same time will depend on the number of rooms used and type of activity in which the room will be used. Costs for additional services (including but not limited to, custodial, HVAC, maintenance, grounds, computer technician, and audio-visual) will be assessed in addition to the facility usage fees as appropriate to the activity.


  • A – Community/Public for-profit groups
  • B – Educational institutions, organizations affiliated with schools
  • C – Community non-profit organizations *

* Tax exempt certificate must be presented at time of booking

Available Rooms Occupancy Equipment Kitchen
Audiotorium 120 AV Yes
Ahmanson 70 AV Yes
Keck 50 AV Yes
Fletcher Jones 15 No AV Yes


John Tracy Clinic offers an array of the latest technology and AV capabilities. Most meeting rooms are equipped with built-in technology, such as audio and videoconferencing, video and digital projection screens, DVD, speakers and PC inputs. Other portable equipment options are available with advance notice. The Clinic’s team will be available to assist you with your technology needs. Once on site, a technician will be available for setup and initial guidance. Users are responsible for proper handling of equipment and will be held responsible for any damage caused by negligent use. Wireless internet access is available throughout the facility.

Food Services

Catering services should be arranged through a third party. Each room has a kitchen available to use at your convenience.

Room Fees

Facility use fees shall be paid to JTC upon execution and delivery of lease. The facility fee and applicable paperwork must be received before reservation is confirmed. No use of facilities is permitted until the signed lease is executed by both parties.

Category “C”groups (non-profit) must submit a copy of the Internal Revenue Service Determination Letter certifying their non-profit status.

Category A Category B Category C
Auditorium Full Day** $1200 $800 $700
Auditorium Half Day*** $700 $500 $450
Ahmanson Full Day $1000 $650 $600
Ahmanson Half Day $600 $425 $400
Keck Full Day $900 $575 $475
Keck Half Day $550 $385 $335
Fletcher Jones Full Day $550 $450 $375
Fletcher Jones Half Day $375 $325 $285


$15 to $18 per hour depending on request


$16 per hour. Full days 8am -4pm. Half days 8 am-12:30 pm


Category A ($3 per car)

Category B ($1.50)

Category C (no charge)

we can only accommodate a maximum of 30 cars in our parking lot during regular business hours (8 to 4pm). Extra cars will have to use street parking.

Use Policies

All organizations that wish to lease space must maintain a policy of Comprehensive General Liability insurance, endorsed with Broad Form Property Damage, Premises, Personal Injury and Professional Liability with a combined single limit of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence. The Comprehensive General Liability Insurance Certificate must name John Tracy Clinic as additional Insured. Such certificate must be provided when reservations are confirmed (upon payment of facilities use fee to JTC and execution and delivery of lease). All insurance coverage must be written with insurance companies authorized to do business in the service area. All insurance certificates are subject to the approval of JTC.

Every request for the use of our facilities should be made to the Facilities Coordinator/designee thirty (30) days in advance of the requested date in order for the request to be reviewed and arrangements for approved uses completed. However, more complex requests should be made up to several months in advance.

The Facilities Coordinator/designee will attempt to accommodate simple requests received with less than 30 days notice.
In all cases, at least one person belonging to the organization requesting use of the facilities shall be identified in writing on the Room Reservation as the person responsible for the function, and shall be present for the full duration of the function. Noncompliance will result in denial of future requests.
In all cases, a designated JTC representative shall be in full charge of the facilities and shall be in contact for the full duration of the event. JTC representative’s orders are official and must be obeyed.

Copies of signage, promotional, and advertising materials planned to be placed temporarily on JTC premises must be sent to in advance.

All applicants will be limited to the use of those areas specified on the approved Room Reservation. An on-site inspection must be conducted by the designated person in charge and the designated JTC representative. All discrepancies will be noted prior to the event date.

Rental will be based on a first-come, first-served basis.
A signed and paid lease agreement constitutes priority.

Any group wishing to cancel a Lease Agreement may do so but a charge of 25% of the total fee will be assessed if notice is given to JTC within two weeks of the event. Any group not giving the proper notice will be charged the full amount of the lease. JTC reserves the right to cancel facility use, at its sole discretion, with or without cause. If cancellation is due to JTC safety or security, natural disaster, or other JTC issue, a refund will be provided.

  • Possession or use of alcoholic beverages and/or illegal drugs of any kind shall not be permitted on the premises. Any person under the influence of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs shall be denied the opportunity to participate in the activity or to be present on campus.
  • Gambling or other conduct detrimental to public or JTC interest shall not be permitted on JTC premises.
  • Parking is permitted only in designated areas. Disabled persons with a valid special permit, may park in the designated special parking areas.
  • Serving of food or refreshments is permitted only in areas of the building designated for those purposes.
  • Facilities and equipment used must be left in a clean and orderly condition. Failure to do so will result in additional charges based on time required to return the facility or equipment to its proper condition.
  • All organizations must adhere to JTC fire and safety codes and regulations.
  • All equipment owned by JTC shall be operated and/or supervised by JTC personnel.
    There shall be no alterations of existing facilities, or installation of equipment, signs, posters, or decorations on or about JTC premises by any party without prior approval.


Parking Lot Entrance

Parking Lot Westside

Parking Lot Westside

Our campus offers an extensive parking lot that can be rented for special events during the week and on weekends.Available parking spaces:

  • 94 regular
  • 2 compact
  • 5 handicapped

An additional 10-15 cars can be stack parked along the side of the building or using areas not officially designated as parking spaces.


Monthly per car $100
Daily $15
Daily (25 or more cars) $400
Daily (full lot) $800
  • Full payment should be submitted at least 2 days prior to parking rental
  • Full proof of insurance is required
  • Complete and submit full application form
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