Mary D. McGinnis, Cand PhD, LSLS Cert AVT®

Mary has taught children with hearing loss for 50 years in a variety of settings using various approaches, including Auditory-Verbal, Auditory-Oral, Cued Speech, and Total Communication. Her academic preparation includes four degrees (BA in English and MA in Education, California State University, Los Angeles; MA in Linguistics and Cand PhD in Linguistics, University of Southern California), four California credentials (Elementary, Secondary: English, DHH, and Administrative Services), and four certifications (Listening and Spoken Language Specialist: Certified Auditory-Verbal Therapist, Council on Education of the Deaf: Elementary and Secondary Education, Supervision of Elementary and Secondary Education, and NECCI Trainer). She has published and presented on various topics, including auditory skill development (the Auditory Skills Curriculum), speech, sex education, sociolinguistics in child language, and cochlear implants in children (The NECCI Inservice Curriculum). Mary joined JTC in 1995, serving for 10 years as supervisor of speech and language services in the preschool, and mentoring in auditory-verbal therapy. She was Director of the JTC Graduate Program from 2003-2017. She currently teaches the auditory-verbal courses in the program.