Learn to Listen Through Sound Fun

Parents help children expand their listening skills by pointing out sounds. Toys, animals, actions, vehicles and other sounds can be explored when they occur. Families can also identify different sounds for their child to notice in their daily routine. Therapists may suggest specific sounds for listening experience. The list below can be used to create listening opportunities. Listening is fun to do together.

Toys Animals Actions Vehicles
Bubbles pop-pop Bear gr-gr Airplane aaahhh Ambulance woo, woo, woo
Clown Hahaha Bird peep, peep Cowboy yahoo Boat woo, woo, woo
Doll wa, wa, wa Cat mmmeeeeooww Drip plop, plop Bus bu, bu, bu
Shovel dig Chick peep Eating mmm Car beep, beep
Top round and round Cow mmmoooo Falling down ouch Helicopter wapa, wapa, wapa
Crow caw, caw Knock knock knock Siren oowar, oowar
Dog bow wow, woof woof No no, no, no Train ch ch ch oo
Duck quack, quack Raining pitter, patter Truck bbrrr
Horse (click tongue) Rocking la, la, la
Monkey hee, hee Running gg-g-g-gggoooo
Owl hoo, hoo Santa Claus ho, ho, ho
Pig oink, oink Sleeping sssshhhhh
Rabbit hop, hop, hop Slide whee
Rooster cock-a-doodle-doo Up up, up, up
Sheep baa, baa Walk walk, walk, walk
Snake Ssss! Wave bye, bye, bye
Wind blowing whoosh

Adapted from:

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