Create Caring Connections for Your Child and You

Connecting through Concerns Parents who are gathering information and learning about hearing loss are getting their questions answered. Families who find educational and medical providers to work with them and their child become part of a team. Together they collaborate to identify services and strategies to help the child with hearing loss. Parents may receive […]

A First Look at Apps for Preschoolers

Apps offer opportunities for a child to learn through play using electronic devices. Parents can enjoy apps with their preschooler by joining in the game or narrating the experience. When parents encourage turn taking, thinking and talking while using apps a child can increase his listening and language learning! The apps listed here have been […]

Technology with Tots

Technology With Tots

What are some strategies to add language to technology use? Talk throughout electronic tasks and describe the child’s actions and results. Encourage the child to describe onscreen views to think about what he sees. Take turns reading, turning e-pages, predicting, reacting and summarizing. Discuss onscreen concepts and relate them to everyday events in the child’s […]

Strengthening Social Skills

Strengthening Social Skills for Special Days

Talking – Use words and demonstrate actions that will be part of an upcoming celebration. Enjoy discussing what is planned or why you are celebrating. An example would be reviewing words or phrases commonly used during the event so the child can join in or be able to answer. Remembering – Look at photos of […]