Speaking with Your Speech Therapist

Working closely with professionals can create a focused approach toward helping your child with hearing loss develop language skills. A combination of experts supporting each other’s efforts on behalf of your child creates an informed team. You, the parent, are an essential member of the team. You can be the link to and a partner in these services. Every […]

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Stages of Listening, Language & Speech Development

A child can be an expert communicator at an early age. Long before the first word, from a baby’s coo of delight to a toddler’s eager response to a request, a child’s brain is constantly developing. The many aspects of communication occur in sequential stages. Each stage increases a child’s readiness to acquire more complex skills. This progression of learning […]

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Asking About Acoustic Highlighting

What is Acoustic Highlighting? Acoustic highlighting is a technique used to heighten awareness of specific speech sounds.  A sound or a sound in a word or phrase becomes highlighted when it is slightly emphasized.  This technique can be used in any spoken language throughout the world. Children with hearing loss who are learning listening and […]

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Speech and Spoken Language

Your family has chosen the spoken language approach for your child with hearing loss.  Professionals are always talking about the terms speech and language. Aren’t they the same?  Not exactly.  Although they are closely related, speech and language are different from one another. Parents who know the differences in those terms can recognize what a […]


Building your Child’s Bilingual Skills

Parents look forward to sharing their love, values, culture and language with their young children. If a family uses two languages, they may hope their children will communicate comfortably in both languages. They might want their children to learn one language for school and another for home, or one language for the community and another […]

Assessing Expressive Language: A Language Sample

A language sample is a record of the words your child says spontaneously.  For this assessment, it does not matter if those words are clearly spoken.  What your child says (expressive language) is more important than how clearly he is saying the words (speech). You can use a language sample to celebrate your child’s progress […]

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Constant Conversation

Conversations with children can be cute, curious, challenging, confusing, or complex, but the best conversations are constant! Conversations are an exchange of ideas or feelings. Words, gestures, eye contact, turn taking and actions are part of conversations. Whether the child is three months or three years, a conversation with him can encourage communication and build […]

Purposeful Pausing

Pausing for Expressive Language  (The language your child uses) Once you child has receptive spoken language skills the goal is for him to use his
voice. The pausing technique can be used to teach your child beginning conversational
skills and turn-taking.  If your child is a relatively “new” listener, pausing can be used to encourage vocalizing
during play.  […]

Remarkable Routines

Routines: A remarkable way to learn language

As your child’s communication increases, his participation in conversations will grow. Ask relatives to find a routine to share with your preschooler. Offer examples of conversations to family members so they understand how to help. Routines are a remarkable way to encourage language. Remarks to use within routines! These are examples of language for starting, […]