Course of Study

Upon successful completion of the program, approved candidates receive a Master of Science in Education: emphasis in Education Specialist Deaf and Hard of Hearing, as well as a California Education Specialist DHH Credential (with additional California testing requirements).

Summer Residency (8 Units)
EDU 233 (3) DHH Multiple Perspectives
EDU 234A (2) DHH Auditory-Verbal Foundations
EDU 235A (3) DHH Early Intervention Theory

Fall (18 units)
EDU 234B (3) DHH Auditory-Verbal Principles
EDU 235B (2) DHH Early Intervention Practicum
EDU 235C (3) DHH Supporting Families
EDU 236A (3) DHH Audiology-Diagnostics
EDU 237A (3) DHH Language in Early Childhood
EDU 238A (3) DHH Early Childhood Curricula

Spring (20 units)
EDU 200C (3) Research Methods (Online Course
EDU 234C (2) DHH Auditory-Verbal Practicum
EDU 236B (3) DHH Audiology-Amplification
EDU 237B (3) DHH Language for Learners 5-22
EDU 238B (2) DHH Early Childhood Practicum
EDU 239A (3) DHH Curricula for Learners 5-22
EDU 239B (3) DHH Practicum with Learners 5-22



Accredited by WASC and CTC